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Smart Couples – separateness and togetherness, a contradictory position

Specialising in relationship counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Including: depression, self-esteem, sexuality, identity, communications, transitions, addictions, family systems, connections.

Located in Central CBD at 147 King Street, minutes from Town Hall, Wynyard and Martin Place Stations.
Flexible opening hours- Monday to Saturday.
Check availability… 1300 667 996

Relationship Counselling and Marriage Counselling to:

  • help improve relationships
  • understand and relieve anxiety
  • manage and relieve depression,
  • understand and manage anger and panic
  • relieve trauma and abuse
  • understand & resolve sexual identity and sexual issues.

Relationship counselling, Marriage counselling, Couple Counselling… taking positive steps toward improving and securing relationships. Having extraordinary relationships is applying skillful learning. Counselling and therapy for individuals and couples looking to improve relationships in Sydney CBD.

With this Smart Couples website we take the view that really all it takes to have effective and fufilling relationsips is KNOWLEDGE about relating, and ABILITY to act on that knowledge.

Philip Johnson, BCHC, MCAPA , Reg. PACFA, provides effective ways to make relationships work better.

To make an appointment please call
1300 667 996
02 9362 3025
0425 281 251

What to expect… individuals and couples…

Your counsellor or psychotherapist is fully trained to identify issues and help you understand and resolve troubles for your benefit. Ideally you will feel confident your therapist is trustworthy (your details kept confidental) and qualified (trained in the area you are enquiring about) and a member of a professional body that oversees your therapist’s ongoing professional development, appropriate standards of conduct and performance.

Socrates (355BC) said it all: “Know yourself. An unexamined life is not worth living.”

INTERVIEW YOUR THERAPIST: ask for information about qualifications and how you will be treated. This is mandatory: when you are doing anything in your life find out what you will get.

Call to find out about counselling. SEND your number to me and I can call you back. It is your responsibility is to find a therapist that suits you. You do have a choice. You are always the most important person in every room and my goal is to provide you with skills and resources to be the expert of your life. You know more about your life and experience than anyone else.


Switch on your brain…

…change your mind, find your way. When you go to see a counsellor the therapeutic process attempts to establish understandings between thought and emotions, ideas and possibilities, allowing new brain connections to help you live more effectively.

Balancing feelings, ideas and actions through individual, personal and relationship counselling that is effective, therapeutic and lasting. Counselling and psychotherapy that is helpful because it is individually tailored to suit you — your interests, your perspectives and your needs.

What works in counselling, and how to make the best of your sessions.  choosingchange theory, offered by Philip Johnson, reflects human nature by encouraging free thinking, spontaneity and conscientious decision making.

Counselling Sydney Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson

A lifetime of experience supporting my education and training in counselling and psychotherapy (individual, relationship and marriage) helps me give you the edge that allows you to be the expert in your life. Within a safe, professional environment, you will learn how and when to consider options toward choosing changes in your life. See Philip’s page on the choosingchange website: Philip Johnson…

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